Benefits and Features of Roller Doors
Because these doors open and close vertically, you can park your car right up to your door,allowing you to use the maximum length of your driveway. The doors are also neat and tidy on the inside. There are no tracks suspended from the ceiling. Even the roll, or 'curtain', is contained within a sleek barrel casing.

The doors are double skinned and insulated and have a large rubber seal at the bottom – if your garage is an integral part of your house, cold winds which blow in, underneath and round the sides of Up-and-Over doors are eliminated. Your garage will no longer be cold and drafty.

Unlike other roller shutter doors, the Rollmatic range of roller doors are spring assisted. This means the motor has to work less hard to operate the door, ensuring that the motors last longer. This will save you money in the long term. These are not the cheapest garage doors on the market, they are a premium product, but guarantee many years of trouble free, smooth and quiet operation.

All our roller shutter products come with a ten year warranty for your peace of mind.

Please see our Gallery page for some examples of doors we have fitted.