Benefits and Features of Sectional Doors
Like roller doors, sectional doors open and close vertically, they do not swing open outwards like Up-and-Over doors. As with roller doors, this means that you can park your car right up against the door and still open it without moving the car. This operation also allows for a big rubber seal to be fitted to the bottom of the door, preventing leaves and debris from entering the garage from under the door. The door closes tightly against the frame of the door, which includes a rubber seal down both sides, and also along the top of the door. This, added to the bottom rubber seal, makes your garage weather proof. The doors can be double skinned and insulated to provide varying insulation values.

Sectional doors give greater opportunity for personal styling than roller doors, coming in either linear (with small, medium or large ribbing), or Georgian styling. You can choose from a greater range of colours, including wood effect colours.

Sectional doors are extremely robust and include security features that make them practically impossible to break into. All sectional doors come with a ten year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Please see our Gallery page for some examples of sectional doors we have installed.